LVFT Hybrids

Introducing our first ever shoe - the LVFT HYBRIDS - A great crossover shoe combining the perfect elements of lifestyle and performance. After years of R&D we finally were able to develop this crossover shoe to serve its purpose without all the BS but still not sacrifice the aesthetics of the shoe. In today's modern times most adults, professionals and or students aren't wearing dress shoes and are 3X more active then we were a decade ago... this is why developed a functional shoe that looks good in casual wear; jeans, pants regular shorts and look good in activewear w/ no shoe socks, with socks too, shorts etc. Hence the name HYBRID ... LIFESTYLE X PERFORMANCE.

*Each pair comes with two sets of laces (a black round tubed lace and a flat matte thicker lace and also a red perforated LVFT prestige patch.

Here are some key features of the shoe.

  • Double layered micro mesh upper provides air flow, breathability and cooling comfort without sacrificing durability.
  • Removable padded LVFT. Insoles for shock and impact resistance
  • Ultra light in weight for better comfort and performance
  • Nylon heel hook to get the hybrids on with ease.
  • Reinforced side and heel panel for better traction and stability
  • Outsole provides additional cushion in the heel area
  • A durable underlayer throughout the shoe for durability, traction and balance.



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