Success and Leadership Cal State LB

Long Beach State IFC is proud to present our first leadership seminar of the year! Our event will feature 2 guest speakers and will be headlined by the founder and CEO of Live Fit Apparel, Randall Pich! Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from high-value individuals on various topics regarding leadership and success. Additionally, each speaker will also be hosting a live Q&A session allowing the audience to get engaged and ask questions that add value to the discussion and provide further insight. This event is sure to reach capacity so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible! 


General Admission for Non-CSULB students 

Date: Thursday April 7th

Time: 5-8pm

Location: CSULB - LH 151

*NOTE: You will be receiving a separate email closer to the date of the seminar with the ticket voucher. PLEASE keep the email you used here to checkout on alert. Thank you. 


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