Dustin Watten USA VolleyBall

August 09, 2013

Web-Dustin-Watten Today Dustin Watten, pro VolleyBall athlete for team USA, finally got a chance to swing by our warehouse. Dustin and I have been trying to get in contact ever since he was out in Finland. Now back in the states for a bit, we linked up and got a chance to catch up with things. Really thankful for a gift he brought to the office, one of his very 1st TEAM USA jerseys =). It is good to see athletes grow and live their dreams. Dustin is no exception to this, traveling the world and doing what he loves to do. That is why we wanted him on board with the Live Fit. team. Now he is going to Brazil to play in a professional league for this year coming up. We are honored to have geared him up for his stay for the next year or so. Dustin's truly and awesome person and a perfect role model for young athletes. DUSTIN USA Dustin USA_Puerto Rico 5.jpg

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