Light as a Feather

December 05, 2018

Light as a Feather

Outperform at your best. Here is the new Feather Tech series by LVFT. Super Lightweight and form fitting both the long sleeve and tee versions is sure to be a gym favorite. We took it for a test drive with Live Fit. Athlete Alex Michael Turner at local gym favorite METROFLEX LBC. Trust that Alex put it through his rigorous workout and it held up and performed like we thought it would. Alex was quick to point out the fit is second to none compared to other performance tees he’s tried in the past and it dries quickly when things start to heat up. To finish off his workout we decided to switch into the long sleeve. Alex choose to finish off with ropes and man did he put in work. Just like the tee it allows you to have maximum mobility and free range of motion while being able to form to your body. Thanks Alex for Killing this shoot. Check the video at the bottom to see Alex’s workout.


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