Sunsets & Bikinis

July 21, 2020

Sunsets & Bikinis

      It had been a little over a year since LVFT Ambassador Alyssa Wright has paid the LVFT team a visit at HQ. Excited to have her in town, we made sure to waste no time. CEO Randall Pich and Multimedia Manager Alex Paz began mapping out shoot ideas and a new campaign to make sure the day was packed with content. When Alyssa arrived, the shooting began with doing some studio shots of our most recent collection, the women’s black collection. After getting some initial content in the studio, Alex and Alyssa went down to the gym and got some action shots along with teaser content of a new Sports Bra that will be dropping real soon (We hope you like orange!)

Alyssa in the Hyper Sports Bra
       Following their time at HQ, Alyssa, Alex, Randall and LVFT athlete Deidra set off for Long Beach to get some lifestyle shots of our new Tye Dye crop tops and bikini sets. We began shooting along the bay in Long Beach, RP shooting video while Alex shot photos. Alex ended up throwing some shorts he had on in his bag and within seconds everyone was in the water shooting, really capturing the sunset vibes perfectly. Racing against the light, Randall and Alex were able to shoot photo and video for both of the different looks dropping while Deidra captured some Behind the scene shots of all the action. As always the team made sure to do whatever it took to get those unique and candid shots. As much planning goes into these shoots some of the best shots are taken when someone makes that split second decision to jump in the water or lay in the sand.
After wrapping up the shoot the team joined Sara and Baby Reese for a late dinner in Costa Mesa (outside seating only- COVID) and recapped on the day while enjoying some Southern BBQ. Overall, the day was exactly what a Southern California visit should consist of- Great vibes, weather, photos, and friends.
Here are some flicks in black and white for whats to come...

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