Alex Minsky 6 page spread in Nov GQ

November 22, 2014

Alex Minksy LVFT brand ambassador currently has a 6 page spread in the latest November 2014 GQ magazine. This 25 year old marine has become a world renown underwear model, despite the fact of his right leg was amputated. Minsky lost his leg out in a patrol back in 2009 in Afghanistan running over an IED nearly killing himself. After waken and being able to walk for the first time during his purple heart ceremony he was still haunted and distressed from the incident and turned to alcohol. He became an alcoholic and was going down the wrong direction. Finally he attended recovery meetings and decided to replace drinking with working out. A photographer found him and decided to shoot a few photos and thats how his career got started. Instead of people seeing a war veteran figure, they were seeing a sexy fitness model. Now Alex is making and influencing worldwide with his story.   Alex Minsky GQ Alex Minsky 2 alex minsky

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